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Where Are You Going?

For your convenience, just download the map and come on over. And when anyone asks where you’re headed, tell ‘em you’re going Bonkers.

Columbia, Missouri

3812 Buttonwood Drive
Columbia, MO 65201
Phone: (573) 499-0366
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Traveling? Be sure to check out our other locations. When the kids are driving you crazy on the road, it’s a great time for Going Bonkers.

Quincy, Illinois

229 North 48th Street
Quincy, IL 62305
Phone: (217) 223-6331
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Topeka, Kansas

5515 Southwest 21st St.
Topeka, KS 66614
Phone: (785) 861-7133
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Peabody, Massachusetts

535 Lowell Street
Peabody, MA 01960
Phone: (978) 535-8355
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Lewisville, Texas

Sorry, this location is no longer a member of the Bonkers family — it is now Kidmania.  Bonkers also has a sister location in Corpus Christi, TX: Funtrackers.

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